Removable Dentures

People who have lost one or multiple teeth have many options for tooth replacement. One safe, effective and affordable option is removable dentures, which help to restore your chewing ability, appearance and confidence.

There are various types of removable dentures that are available today, including partial dentures, full dentures and implant-supported overdentures. The type that is best for you depends on your health, age, lifestyle, and various other factors that are determined by your oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

Whichever type you select, removable dentures are durable and convenient for everyday use. Your dentist and oral surgeon work together to create a custom-fitted denture made from a strong plastic material that fits over your alveolar bone ridge – the supporting bone in your mouth that holds your teeth in place.

Immediate or partial dentures are inserted into the mouth once your natural teeth are removed, so they may not fit properly until the muscles readjust and the gums undergo natural shrinking. However, they are a good temporary solution for those who have a toothless jaw and will help you ease into an eventual permanent denture.

partial dentures

Full dentures are permanent dentures that conform to your mouth and are custom-designed to look and feel like your natural teeth. Since the denture is designed to fit securely in your mouth, the denture will remain in place after it is planted on your alveolar ridge.


Implant-supported overdentures require the placement of dental implants, which help to support and stabilize the dentures. Since your upper jaw bone is less dense, it is likely you will require more implants up top than in your lower jaw. Your dentist and oral surgeon will work together to complete the process and leave you with a denture that is sturdy, reliable, and durable for long-term wear.


The prosthetic teeth in the denture look and feel just like your natural teeth, providing you with the ability to chew and smile as if you had never lost your teeth. Whichever type of removable denture you choose, it may take some time to adjust and become comfortable wearing them. Over time, the muscles in your mouth and jaw will get used to the denture you will feel more natural wearing the dentures on a daily basis.

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