All-On-Four Procedure

People who are missing multiple teeth due to periodontal disease, facial trauma or other circumstances have various replacement options. These teeth replacement options include everything from removable dentures to a fixed bridge, but depending on the type of replacement option you choose, they can be costly or uncomfortable.

In addition, most teeth replacement procedures require lengthy healing periods and multiple visits, and may even alter your facial aesthetics. Fortunately, a revolutionary procedure has made dental implant surgery more accessible and affordable than ever, and is widely used by experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeons today.

The Procedure

The All-On-Four Procedure is a surgery involving the placement of four specialized implants into your upper or lower jaw, providing adequate support for a full arch of natural-looking teeth. This procedure is safe, requires minimal recovery time, and can be completed within two visits. The result is a beautiful set of teeth that allow you to enjoy the aesthetic and functional benefits more quickly than some of the other teeth replacement options.


The All-On-Four Procedure is designed to utilize four dental implants that are available for immediate use. The surgery does not typically require bone grafting, so patients with low bone density or volume may still be candidates for the surgery. Your oral and maxillofacial surgeon numbs the surgical site prior to the procedure so you will not feel any pain or discomfort, and places four dental implants into the bone. During the 3-4 months of time it takes for the implants to integrate into your jaw bone, your oral surgeon and dentist provide you with a custom-fitted denture to wear until your new teeth are permanently anchored into place.


Upon final placement of your new teeth, you will be able to once again enjoy your favorite foods, you will no longer have to worry about removable appliances that are difficult to clean and maintain, and you will experience the aesthetic appearance of natural-looking teeth.

You can continue to brush and floss your new set of teeth just as you would your other natural teeth, making maintenance and care a breeze. In addition, your new smile will restore your confidence and help you feel better about showing off a full smile. We encourage you to contact any of our top dental implant specialists to find out if you are a candidate for the All-On-Four Procedure and to schedule an appointment in the practice nearest you!


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